Saturday, September 4, 2010

The insanity is fading

My life as an alcoholic has taken another turn; one for the better.

Two weeks ago tonite was the last time I got drunk...and I did it up well. Not only did I begin the evening by pulling a discarded, not-quite-empty bottle of vodka from the dumpster, but I embarrased myself at my best friend's lovely dinner party by ending the evening slurring my words and nodding off at the table. I managed to drink about a half pint of vodka, a bottle and a half of wine, two wine coolers, and at least one beer. I ate very little, because God forbid that a little food in my stomach screw up a good buzz.

I haven't had a drink since. But, dear readers, it was not sheer willpower that brought me to this clear-headed state of being...oh no...not willpower at all. And, alas, AA was not to be my saving grace either. No, I stumbled upon the most amazing website that connects the most caring, capable, compassionate and competent women I have ever 'met', founded by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.; Women for Sobriety...and that has made all the difference.